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SIte Manager Tour

  1. Whole System Overview
    1. Created a CMS that allows you to focus on content development
    2. Select modules to build pages that suit your content/message
    3. We can innovate continuously on a singular platform 
    4. Provide resources for everyone, based on up/downstream feedback loop
  2. Walk through similar site
    1. Homepage
    2. Landing pages
    3. Interior pages
    4. News pages
    5. Multimedia features
    6. Lead capture/forms
  3. Module Building
    1. Styles of modules
    2. How they can be repurposed
    3. Color themes
    4. User experience
    5. Tone 
  4. Into the CMS
    1. Logging in, find your site (lives in my.ENGR)
    2. Sites vs Blogs ?? might be changing soon
    3. Sites contain
      1. Images
      2. Files
      3. Pages
      4. News fed by blogs tool
      5. Testimonials fed by blogs
      6. Directories are fed by portal directories
      7. What the blue buttons do
  5. How to Create a New Page
    1. Page Title - will be your h1 / title tag - be unique and descriptive, searchable term
    2. Path - where it lives in menu, how it’s named in the menu
    3. Status - dev, prod, hidden, deleted
    4. Metadata
    5. (rest of top fields)
  6. Build with Sections
    1. Blue pencil to reveal section templates 
    2. Categories - how to add sections to the page
    3. Picking sections that work together, work with your content, allow for flexibility
    4. Editing a section - gear pop down, columns, styles, themes
    5. Assigning sections to pages
  7. Photos & Files
    1. Building your own internal database of media resources
    2. Tagging, keywording, organizing
    3. How to reference them in your pages/sections
  8. Site Manager Web Space
    1. View section and page templates
    2. Find documentation, tutorials, instructions, other resources
    3. Get blog updates on site improvements
    4. Provide feedback, request new solutions, ask questions